Pinkish Puce Boyd - Balt. Torpedo Soda Circa 1845

Ginger Ale, Gasoline Gardner - & Brown Torpedo Soda Circa 1846

I'm Chris Rowell and I live in Baltimore Maryland. I collect Pontiled And Early Smooth Base Baltimore Mineral Waters, Sodas, Beers, Early Pottery Bottles, Pontiled And Early Smooth Based Baltimore Medicines, And Other High Quality Baltimore Bottles That I like. With my favorite type of bottles being the early colored torpedoes and ten pins from Baltimore. I also have an interest in early ceramics primarily redware and stoneware produced in Baltimore. I will try to showcase as much of my collection as possible on this site. I am also putting together a guide to early ceramics commonly found during privy digs. These ceramics are a very good tool for dating the context of the privy you are digging. And Show how many ceramic vessel's can be reconstructed from the shards found during privy digs. Also I will tell you about my many interesting Bottle Digging Experiences. I have dug over 1500 privies from Alexandria Virginia to New York and most major cities and towns in between. And I will try to offer help to other collectors by answering questions about bottle digging. Plus I will appraise any Baltimore bottles that other collectors have found. I have been collecting antique bottles for over 14 years now. And have been a hard core privy digger for the past 8 years. I dig at least one day every week and often more then once depending on availability of a good site and free time. I have dug some privies (outhouses) as old as the 1740`s. Also feel free to Sign my guest book your comments are always welcome. And If you live in a pre 1870 house in Baltimore City or any of the surrounding counties and would like to have any Privies, Wells, and Cisterns on your property located and excavated just e-mail me. Also check out my ever changing list of bottles for direct sale you may find the piece that you are looking for.

Yellow Green Coughlan - Balto Torpedo Soda Circa 1847

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