Other Quality Baltimore Bottles That I like 1800-1880

On this page I hope to showcase some of the other rare Baltimore bottles from my collection as well as give basic company history and information on rarity. I am always interested in buying rare and unusual Baltimore bottles.

Original Baltimore Monument Figural


This is an original Baltimore monument figural produced by the Baker Brothers & Co Baltimore Glassworks to celebrate the 90 year anniversary in 1880. This is an extremely rare bottle that was reproduced by the Baltimore antique bottle club in 1990 the repros have a different embossing than the originals. Of the originals there are believed to only be 4 clear ones and 2 deep amber examples known at this time. Of all the great and important Baltimore bottles to have been blown. I believe this to be the most historically important Baltimore bottle.

Walters & Co.


Walters & Co. were listed as distillers from the 1850s through the 1870s there bottles are quite scarce the most common one being an amber cylinder 5th that is embossed around the base. The examples pictured here are the rare olive green 6 sided example that is iron pontiled. And of the Rare Pure Green colored Smooth based fifth.

Quart 3 Piece Mold Porter


This is a great piece of black glass it is a deep puce 3 piece mold porter with a huge iron pontil this bottle probably dates to the late 1830s and sports a huge iron pontil. It is because of the color, form and the fact that I have dug pieces of these here in Baltimore before I believe this bottle to be an early product of the Baltimore Glassworks. This example was dug from an early site a few months ago. It is also very crude and misshapen and has several deep gouges on one side caused by some kind of glassblowers tools. I recently was able to acquire an example in a deep green coloration in the identical mold.

Unembossed Snuff


This very unusual Snuff was dug from a very early 1790-1820 era privy in downtown Baltimore. Due to the color and form I believe it to be an early product of the Baltimore Glass Works. But even if its not I still like it And I dug it myself.

Unembossed Utility


These great color utility bottles were dug from 1840-1860 era privies in downtown Baltimore. Due to the colors and form I believe them to be a product of a Baltimore glass house. Both were blown in the same mold from different color glass. One is a yellow olive the other is a strawberry puce. Its interesting that they both have different lip treatments.

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