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Local Bottle Sites

Antique Bottles Of Baltimore - Your already here
Baltimore Antique Bottle Club - Baltimore Antique Bottle Clubs Web Site
Steve's Baltimore Beer Bottles - Steve's Collection Of Pre Pro Baltimore beer Bottles
Matt's Collectibles - Nice Maryland bottles for sale
The Bottle Den - Great site for pontiled soda collectors I recommend that you give this one a visit.
Potomac Bottle Collectors - Washington D.C. bottle Clubs Web Site

Privy Digging Sites

Eddie's Privy Page - Great site with some cool privy digging stories
Scott's Privy Page - Some really nice privy finds
We Dig Wisconsin - The Wisconsin Privy diggers site
John's Privy Page - Lots of great privy digging adventures
Ant's privy Digging Page - A new privy digging site with some cool stories

General Bottle Collecting and Digging Sites

Diggers Diary - UK based dump (tip) digging stories
Antique Soda & Beer Bottles - Very informative site on pre-crown soda and beer bottles
Kreeger's Antique Bottle Market - Great bottles for sale
Wrinkles Antique Bottles Sales & Services - Some really nice Savannah sodas and cleaning machines
Bottle - Lots of great bottles for sale
Antique Bottle Collector's Haven Reggie Lynch's Informative Site
Antique Bottle Trader
The Bottle Room - Some really nice bottles for sale
Demijohns Very Informative site about the history of these big bottles
Early Glass Collector
High Desert Antique Bottle & Medicinal Tonic Website - Excellent site with lots of nice pictures
Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information - Excellent site with lots of of good info on dating and identifying types of bottles
Flaschenjager ( Bottle Hunter) - Nice clean site of Virginia bottles
Historic Glasshouse - Lots of bottles for sale
Jeff Noordsy Antiques - Lots of great bottles for sale
Mike Henness's Bitters Bottle Collection - Some of the best Bitters pictured on the internet
Tim's Bottle Digging in Nebraska Site - Pictures and stories of bottle digs
Terry's Torpedo Bottle Web Site
Hawaii Soda Bottles
The Jar Doctor - R. Wayne Lowry's bottle cleaning machines
Ed & Kathy's Antique Bottles & Flasks - Many high quality bottles for sale
Digger Odell Bottle Price Guides - Bottle price guides
Bottle Zone.Com Links to online bottle related sites
Glass Fire Grenades - Lots of nice fire grenades for sale
Jim's Antique Bottles & Treasures
Marshall's Antique Bottle Lists
Mike's Fire Grenades
National Bottle Museum
North Country Bottle Shop
Old South Jersey Glass
The Pennsylvania Bottle Digger
The Sinsley's Place Collections
Tino's Bottle Page
We Love Old Bottles
World of Bottle Hunting
Australian Antiques, Bottles & Collectable
Antique Bottle Digging & Related History - South Australia
Aussie Bottle Digger
Codds Wallop
Old Bottles South Australia
Oz Bottles
Bytown Bottle Seekers
Canadian Bottle Lovers Page
Early Canadian Stoneware Advertising & British Columbia Bottles
New Zealand Antique Bottle & Collectables
Antique Ginger Beer Bottles
Bottle Bill's Bottle Dump
BottleDiggers UK
Bottles and Bygones
John Woodhams
The Bottle Nut - Quality bottles for sale.

Antique Bottle Clubs
The Bytown Bottle Seekers Club
Emerald Coast Bottle Collectors Inc.
Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors
Finger Lakes Bottle Collectors Association
Findlay Antique Bottle Club
Genesee Valley Bottle Collectors Association
The Golden Gate Historical Bottle Society
Jersey Shore Bottle Club
The Little Rhody Bottle Club
Los Angeles Historical Bottle Club
Midwest Antique Fruit Jar & Bottle Club
New Zealand Antique Bottle & Collectables National Show Association
Ohio Bottle Club
The Savannah Antique Bottle Collector's Show and Sale
Wellington Antique Bottle & Collectables Club Inc.

Fruit Jar Sites

Darrell's Fruit Jar Page
Fruit Jars.Com
Fruit Jar Collector Website
How To Date Ball Fruit Jars
Marsell's Fruit Jar Page
Nick's Antique Fruit Jar Collection
Greg Spurgeon Antiques

Insulator Sites

Crown Jewels of the Wire
Insulator Collectors On the Net WebRing
Insulators Glass & Porcelain
National Insulator Association

Bottle Auction Sites And Magizines

Ebay - The best internet auction site for antique bottles
Glass Works Auctions - Auction house and Antique Bottle & Glass Collector Magazine
Norman C. Heckler and Company - Bottle and Glass Auctioneers
Pacific Glass Auctions - A auction house just for bottles
Bottles and More Magazine - Cool bottle magazine

Internet Bottle Discussion Groups

Yahoo! Groups : Bottlecollectors - Yahoo group for bottle collectors and diggers
Yahoo! Groups : Privydiggerpit - Yahoo group for bottle diggers and collectors
Yahoo! Groups : Fruitjars - Yahoo group for fruit jar collectors - Bottle Discussion Fourm
Bottle Digging - Uk based bottle forum
Codd and Cure Oholics - Uk based bottle forum
Australian Antique Bottle Forum  - Uk based bottle forum
Antique bottle  - Bottle Discussion Fourm
Bottle Digger.Net  - Bottle Discussion Fourm
The Cellar Hole - Bottle Discussion Fourm

Other Web Sites

Fort McHenry Tides - Gives the time of high and low tides at fort McHenry

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