Sunday August 29th  2006 Privy Dig

It finally cooled off about a week and a half ago and we struck out on finding a good spot to dig in Baltimore. The heat slowed fresh construction to almost nothing over the summer. So we decided to take a trip north to Wilmington Delaware for the day. We arrived there about 9:00 and drove around town for about 2 hours looking at construction sites and checking out some boarded up houses with out much luck. then we headed over to the east side of town and found a recently empty house that looked to be from at least the 1870s. We quickly probed out a brickliner and started taking her down. It was easy digging very ashy and soft with only a few bricks and stones mixed in. This one ended up going about 8 feet deep and had about a 2 foot trash layer but sadly the layer was mostly 1890s we got a few local pharmacy bottles and some common junk.

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