April, 22nd 2007 Privy Dig

Well today started off by me and Doug meeting downtown at the normal time and place. Today it was just the two of us since no one else called me wanting to dig with us. We had a pit in mind that we had seen the previous week but didn't have time to dig it. So we wasted no time and headed straight for that pit. we arrived and found everything exactly as it was the week before. and we started digging where I had probed out a brickliner behind this 1830s house. The pit turned out to be a large round brickliner about 5 foot across and ended up going about 10 feet deep. The fill was very ashy and the top 5 feet was loaded with broken machine made crown top beers and other 1915 era crap. As we went down the age stayed pretty much the same. Then Doug hit water in the pit at about 5 feet deep while digging a sump hole to bail out the water he pulled out a few pieces of early slip decorated yellowware. This was a good sign of the things to come. I was hoping this pit would get old and by about 6 feet the ash had given way to a rich loamy layer laden with artifacts from the 1860s this soon gave way to 1850s artifacts with pontiled puffs coming out left and right.  I said to Doug damn where are the embossed bottles. Just after that he said wait here's one as he uncovered a small rectangular pontiled medicine. I immediately recognized it as one of the J. W. Bulls meds due to its distinctive shape. Doug wiped off the one side and said your right its a Bulls and he handed it up to me. As soon as I had it in my hand I wiped it off the rest of the way to see which one of his products it was. To my surprise it was his Diarrhoea Curative (misspelled of course) and it was amber. I was expecting one of his other products as there is only one other intact example of this bottle know. I quickly took this one to the truck for safe keeping. then returned, as we continued taking this pit down more bottles came to light. Including a pontiled Sapphire blue cologne and an aqua pontiled Baltimore druggists. Then a few Baltimore historical flasks in olive green and amber both pontiled but both sadly broken. Then some more puff and tons of early pottery shards which we were picking out to glue back together later. Then finally a green pontiled ink right on bottom.

The Privy

Some glued back pottery

My share of the bottles

The Bulls Cure

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