August, 22nd 2007 Privy Dig

Today's dig started off with George coming to Baltimore from Philly. We had a site lined up but it fell through so we were stuck driving around the city trying to get into something old. After Failing to get into a pontil age pit we decided to head to an 1870s part of town and dig a quick woodliner then call it a day. The pit was very quickly located I pretty much walked up top where it should be stuck the probe it and felt some trash at about 4 foot. So we opened it up. Due to the really hot weather we had been having. The ground was as hard as concrete. So it was slow digging we had to use a breaker bar to get through the first 2 feet of ground. after a couple feet into the pit the walls finally showed themselves. It was a typical 4 foot square woodliner about 5 feet deep. IT had a bout a foot of 1880s-90s trash in the bottom. We did find a couple Baltimore steamer type blob sodas and some local druggists and one druggists from Hagerstown Md. and a nice glass syringe.

George and Larid opening up the pit. ( A few local businessmen in the background they were selling drugs out of the corner house)

Doug In the pit

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