September, 16th 2007 Privy Dig

Well another day another couple privies. After a couple weeks of digging in Baltimore it was time for another trip to Philly. George had lined up a house that was being renovated for us to dig. We quickly found the pit a typical 4 foot across Philly brickliner. This one was filled with a mixture of heavy clay and bricks. it was slow digging. We started going down until finally we hit bottom at about 22 feet. this pit was clean to the bottom with no trash layer. After cleaning out the bottom I thought I'd pop out a few bricks and see if we could feel the privy in the yard next door with the probe. The neighboring pit was about 3 and a half feet away. A bit far to tunnel; and dig it but at least we could see if it had a trash layer in the bottom then dig it from the top. So I took out a few more bricks and started tunneling it was very hard packed clay and took awhile to dig through. I finally had a small area of the other pits brickliner exposed and managed to pry out a few bricks. I was hoping for a a loaded use layer but instead that pit had the same heavy clay and brick fill as the pit we just dug. So we filled in our pit and called it a day.

Starting my tunnel project

Told you it was a deep pit

My Tunnel finished and verifying my worst fears the pit next door is clean too.

Typical Philly Granet cap stones

I look almost professional LOL

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