September, 20th 2007 Privy Dig

After the empty pits in Philly Sunday me and Doug decided to play around in Baltimore again. We did our typical tour of the city as well call it and checked out a few potential sites then decided to hit a small neighborhood on the Far Westside that you can get some late 1850s early 1860s pits. But it only seems to be with in a about 4 square blocks. The other buildings around this area are newer 1880s structures. After driving over to the Westside we decided to check out a small empty lot where a house had been knocked down years before. I quickly probed out the privy but it felt like it was full of debris. But I managed to probe some glass mixed in at about 3 feet so we opened it up. It was a barrel lined pit. the other early pits in the area we dug were also barrels but they went two barrels deep so we had high hopes for this pit. at about 2 and a half feet into this pit. The bricks and debris started to give way to loamy soil and artifacts. Mostly machine made crown top beers. We were surprised at hitting a trash layer this high up in the first barrel. We began to fear that this pit may be a shallow one and never get old. however as we went down the first barrel the artifacts started to get older with some local pharmacy bottles and a few Baltimore steamer sodas. Then we were both relieved when at the bottom of the first barrel the top of the second barrel started to show its self. And the best part is this barrel was solid artifacts. Some of the first bottles out of this second barrel were unembossed meds but they looked to be 1870s era. By the middle of this barrel Doug said I think I have a squat soda and he started digging out a nice early looking porter. After getting it free he discovered it had a large hole in one side. It was a very rare amber G. A. Gotleib from Richmond Va then the next bottle was an early smooth base Hamptons V. Tincture In amber with the top knocked off. Then he said I got another soda that turned out to be a really nice yellow green Congress Highrock Saratoga water It was perfect. Then he found a very cool Childs ABC plate perfectly intact then a couple early meds and a few pontiled puffs. This was a pretty good privy and we had something nice for both of us to take home.

Starting the pit

Finding alot of crown top beers (most of them go back in the hole)

Getting near bottom

The Finds

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