September, 22th 2007 Privy Dig

While digging the good pit Thursday one of the locals that came up and talked to us invited us to dig their privy. So we arranged to dig Saturday.  We met up wit Phil and John so there was 4 of us today and planned to dig two pits on the properties this guy owned. The first pit was another double barrel but it had been heavily dipped and only produced a few steamers and local pharmacy's and one pontiled puff in the very bottom. The second pit was also a double barrel but was partial covered by a very thick concrete slab so it was a hard dig. After getting down the first barrel which produced a few steamers and lots of crown top beers. John said he had to leave so he headed home and me Doug and Phil continued digging this second pit. We also hit water and the second barrel was filled with that wonderful black muck we all love digging in. Sense Doug likes getting muddy he volunteered to get in and did his usual sit in the muck routine. This is always fun to see. This pit was producing alot of broken ironstone and not much glass. Then Doug said as he was reaching his arm down into the muck I feel a large bottle. then he pulls up a large applied lip cylinder med embossed Mrs. M. Cox's Indian Vegetable Decoction Balto. A very nice bottle to find. But before we knew it bottom and nothing else in the way of decent finds was had.

Starting the pit

Johns head

Doug sitting in the muck

Doug sitting in deeper muck

Big pile of muck (it actually got quite a bit worse before we were done)

A very Dirty Doug (Pretending to drink a glass full of muck)

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