December, 1st 2007 Privy Dig

Back to Wilmington again. Today we are digging in a parking lot on the east side. Alan secured permission for us to dig a pit that was sinking into this lot. I arrived around 7:00 to find everyone else was running late today. So I decided to go grab something to eat by time I returned Alan and his friend Ron had arrived. Shortly after Doug showed up. We quickly got started breaking up the old asphalt with a heavy breaker bar. It wasn't long that we had a hole big enough to dig through and started opening her up. We found the one wall of the pit very quickly it was a large round brickliner that was shared for two houses. It was about 5 feet across. This lot was in an 1830s part of town and we hoped would produce some nice pontiled Wilmington bottles. The digging was difficult on this one with a heavy clay cap that was full of bricks. As we went down the cap continued. However around 9 feet we started finding some circa 1890s bottles and a bit of loam coming up on the sides of the pit. Which is a sign that the cap is going to end and a trash layer begin soon. at about 11 feet we finally had all the cap out and I started on the trash layer. Sadly it was only about a foot thick then bottom showed its self. This pit was only 12 feet deep and had been heavily dipped. We did find a few local pharmacy bottles and a local smooth based soda. And one lonely pontiled Wilmington medicine. 

Video 1

It got really cold just before dark.

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