March 31st 2008 Privy Dig

Today we dig the residential pit Alan and myself lined up last week. We just finished a weekend of hard core digging so this small 8 foot deep woodliner should be a breeze. Or so we thought. We walk in the back yard and there is a 6 foot area of dirt along the property line that is in the right place for the privy. But of course there's a large tree growing right where it should be. A quick probing verifies that the tree is right in the top of the pit. We decided to do a tunnel job under the tree. This also required bracing the tree with some boards against a few walls. We dug a small 2.5 by 2.5 foot pit down next to the tree in the corner of the pit then once under the tree we opened it up to the pits walls. it was a typical 3.5 by 3.5 foot Baltimore square woodliner about 8 feet deep. This one had about a foot of pontil age layer on the bottom. We got a blackglass 3 piece mold whiskey and a pontiled London mustard a small pontiled cordial glass a pontiled Dr. J. S. Rose med from Philly and a pontiled B.A. Fhanestocks Vermifuge. Not much stuff but was a fun dig with Matt and Alan.

Our Pit With Tree

Standing Brick Outhouse in the Yard Next Door

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