April 25th 2008 Privy Dig

Today's dig in in Wilmington Delaware. Alan called me about a pair of 1870s holes he had lined up so we decided to get 6 guys together and dig both at once. These are small round brickliners that are about 16 feet deep. We had already dug a couple in this row earlier this year. So I enlisted the help of Doug, Matt, Russ, and David. Along with Alan and myself we had two tripods and everything we needed to make quick work of these pits. We arrive about 8:00 and quickly got to work. It wasn't long before both teams were down to the trash layer and finding turn of the century bottles. these holes only made it back to the 1880s by the bottom and sadly did not produce any great bottles however many local druggists and local blobs were found. overall enough stuff for everyone to be happy but I don't think I'll be digging more pits in the row as the others we dug were also disappointing.

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