Saturday July 12th 2008 Privy Dig

Today we are digging in Baltimore. George had come down from Philly to dig with Doug, Pete, and myself. We drove around town a bit looking for something that would be pontiled but we ended up settling on an early 1860s abandoned house. We probed out a round brickliner. It felt soft and easy to dig so we figured we would give it a shot.  We don't like digging these because quite often they are very deep and don't produce many bottles. We opened this one up it had about 6 feet of 1940s debris in it and several layers of concrete that had sank in. After getting through this which was harder then we had thought it was going to be. we hit a layer of bricks mixed with dark soil. This layer was about another 6 feet thick. Then it gave way to a lighter layer with a few 1910 era bottles in it but not much else after about 4 feet of this I had some loam with 1890s shards mixed in coming up the wall. Another foot down and I had a solid 1890s use layer this progressed back into the 1880s over the next few feet. By this time we were down about 20 feet and I hit a sterile clay layer. I probed this layer it was about 4 feet thick and then gave way to a wet black layer. After progressing through the Clay plug I had a black wet layer that had taken a age turn to the 1860s Not much was recovered from this layer it was mostly broken up white ironstone shards and a few broken bottles. On the very bottom I recovered a lone pontiled puff and an early hinge mold smooth base J.W. Bulls Compound Pectoral. These come pontiled and this one just missed the pontil rod. The pit bottomed out at about 26 feet and was pretty disappointing.

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