Thursday July 17th 2008 Privy Dig

Today I got a wakeup call at 6am from my friend Russ He asked me If I wanted to dig a pit in West Chester he had lined up yesterday. I sad sure. Jumped out of bed and headed out the door by 6:30 I arrived at the site just after 8:00am. Russ had already opened up the pit and had it defined. I jumped in and started digging. Then Ken showed soon after. We got the pit down about 5 feet and set up the tripod and started bucketing out a light colored clay. This clay seemed to go on forever At about 12 feet Russ got out of the pit and I took a turn digging. I decided to probe the pit to see if I felt any trash layer. My 5 foot probe felt nothing but 5 more feet of clay. so I decided to just dig half the pit down as far as I could. I managed to dig half the pit down about 6 feet. Then a quarter of that down another two feet where I finally encountered a trash layer. But sadly the layer was only about two inches thick and dated circa 1900. way too new and way too much work taking out the rest of the clay for likely no bottles. So I came out we had a lunch break and then we filled in the pit and restored the yard. This was about as bad as pits get, 20 feet of heavy clay and cleaned to the bottom.

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