Sunday August 17th 2008 Privy Dig

I got a call from George the night before that Him another digger had been working all day on a large stoneliner in Reading pa. They had gotten down about 14 feet and the hole was very wet but they were getting 1860s bottles. The other Digger wouldn't be able to finish the pit the next day. And George wanted me to get some help to come up and finish the pit In the morning. I made a couple phone calls and was able to get John to agree to go dig at the last minute. We arrived bright and early Sunday morning at the construction Site They had been digging on. Set up the tripod and started Finding reading sodas almost from the get go. This was great It took us about 6 hours to finish digging the trash layer which was about 6 feet thick and to fill in the pit. Overall its quite nice when you don't have to dig out all the fill and get to start with the trash layer.

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