Monday August 18th 2008 Privy Dig

Today We are Digging In Burlington Nj. We got permission to dig on an empty Grass lot That's used as a dog walk area. Russ, George, Doug, and Myself. Russ and I quickly probed out a woodliner and put down the tarps and started removing the sod. This pit was actually two pits built next to each other. One was 1890s and the other was 1870s. One was about 4 feet deep the other was 5 feet deep. Both had a few bottles but nothing great. The best find was an amber strapsided whiskey flask from Philadelphia. While digging these we borrowed some patio furniture from the yard next door. It was a very relaxing dig. While we were digging a neighbor that lived two houses down from the lot we were digging on saw us and came over to see what were were doing. After a few minutes of talking we were invited to dig in her yard. most of the back property line was covered with a shed but we did find one woodliner in the other corner. This one was about 6 feet deep and had about a foot and a half of 1830-160 era glass and ceramics. Including several broken pontiled sodas and a few intact pontiled puffs. The best find was an intact redware manganese decorated mush cup from the 1830s. The finds weren't great but was a fun day digging.

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