Tuesday October 7th 2008 Privy Dig

I had talked to Ryan a few days ago about all the stuff we had found in Reading. But that we had finished up all the pits we had to dig there. He told me that him and George had dug a very deep triple barrel there over the weekend that didn't have much in it. So he suggested that we go up and give the town a good looking over and see if we could find something to dig. And he wanted me to probe some yards they couldn't locate pits in. We arrived about 8:00am and drove around a bit checking some empty lots and abandoned houses only finding some already dug pits. He then took me to a yard where he couldn't find any pits. After a few minutes of probing I located a different feeling spot and started a test hole. I soon found a brick edge. This pit had a rather large tree growing next to it so the top few feet were packed with roots/ It was hell opening this thing. It turned out to be a 6 foot across round brickliner that was shared with the house next door. We got it opened and about 6 feet down when we started finding the first bottles they were 1870s. The layer was about 2 feet thick and mostly 1850s-70s bottles including a couple rare Reading squats and several pontiled puffs and an intact spongeware cup. We finished up by around 7:00 and headed back to split up our finds.

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