Saturday October 18th 2008 Privy Dig

Alan called me and told me he had a permission for a house in Elkton Maryland. That sounds cool I told him so we set up a dig for Saturday for me, him, and Doug. We arrive at about 7:00am and quickly found a shallow barrel lined pit. it was the only pit in the yard and only 4 feet deep. It dated to the age of the house circa 1880s. We found a bunch of polar star cough cures and a few local druggists but nothing all that great. We were done in a couple hours. So We called George and told him to meet us in Wilmintgton as it was only 20 minutes away. We drove there and quickly found a brickliner on the west side to dig. It probed ashy and soft so were were hoping on a quick dig. This pit turned out to be a 20 footer we hit water at about 14 feet and trash at 16 feet. It was slow going by that point but the age was decent 1870s-60s stuff was coming out not alot of it but a few nice bottles. A large cobalt med from New York. A citron seam sided flask and several early Wilmington Blob beers. We finally had this pit finished and filled in around 10:00 split up our finds and headed home.

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