Saturday December 6th 2008 Privy Dig

Well after taking  a few days off from digging we decided to give that empty lot another try. Today it was Doug, George, Myself, and Alan. I probed out two more pits on the lot but they turned out to be shallow single barrels. only 4 feet deep. Both had small trash layers with a few 1870s bottles in them. We then looked around at a few other sites with no luck. By around 3:00 it was starting to snow and we decided to call it a day. So we split up out finds and Alan headed to Virginia for work and we headed back to the east side of town where George and I were parked. On the way back we spotted a recently boarded up house in an 1860s part of the east side and decided to check it out real quick. The pits in this part of town are rarely deeper then 6 feet. this was no exception it was a 6 foot deep square woodliner shared with the house next door. It was full of as and a few bricks and was pretty easy to dig. The snow was comming down and it was getting dark. But then a few 1870s shards showed up and then at the last foot a trash layer started it was mostly 1860s-70s and had quite a few large early Medicines and a half pint Washington Taylor flask. It only took us a few hours to dig and refill the pit. It was a nice quick dig that saved the day.

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