Sunday February 8th 2009 Privy Dig

January was a very cold month and I only had a few crappy digs in Baltimore. We had a bit of a warm spell with highs in the 30s predicted so It was decided we should go hit a permission Alan got in Wilmington. We arrived Bright and early at the site and and ground was still frozen So it made probing very hard. We ended up having to punch test holes through the frost layer to probe from this took us about 45 minutes to locate the pit. It ended up being a very large shared Round Brickliner. The top two feet was very hard packed with bricks and debris. This was a tough pit to get open. But after that the fill got soft and ashy and was easy to dig through. At about 7 feet we hit the trash layer. sadly this layer was only a foot thick and bottom showed itself at 8 feet. We did get a few bottles mostly 1880s stuff and nothing really great. But it was good to get out and dig a pit.

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