Thursday February 19th 2009 Privy Dig

After doing good on the last Burlington dig Russ wanted to go back and try again. Today it was just Russ, George, and Myself. We started out on the other side of town and knocked on the door of a house and got permission to dig. I probed out a shared woodliner. We started opening it up it was ash and pretty easy digging. about 2 feet down a Doyle's hop bitters popped out. Finally at about 4 feet in the walls defined themselves really well and we followed them to the bottom. The bottom foot was wet but had a mix of 1850s-60s artifacts. We got a couple Smooth based sodas and some pontiled puffs. Nothing great but it was an easy pit to dig. So we moved to the yard next door and got permission and Dug a similar pit in their yard. The finds in this pit weren't as good but we did get a small pontiled E. Roussell med from Philly and a topless blue pontiled mugbase Burlington soda. After this we moved on to a 3rd house Russ had permission for and one that George had not been able to find the pits for. I quickly probed out a brickliner and while George was digging it I continued probing and found a woodliner. The woodliner turned out to be about 6 feet deep and a rectangular shape about 3 feet wide and 7 feet long. the bottom foot was all 1840-60s layer this pit has several nice bottles in it including a green Swamis Panacea and a large pontiled med from Philly and a pontiled blown 3 mold cruet Likely made at the Boston sandwich glassworks in the 1830s. It was a fun pit to dig. after we finished and had both pits filled in we decided to call it a day and go split up our finds and head home.

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