Tools Of The Trade

And everyone should know digging for antique bottles is not for the weak of will. There will be many obstacles that get in your way and its always good to have the proper tools for the job. I use many different types of tools to dig for bottles. When digging in a dump all you need is a shovel some type of small scratching tool a few buckets. And a good pair of leather gloves. Also if the dump is in a swampy area hip waders are nice to have. Things get a little more complex when you try to dig a very deep privy. You will need probes of various length to locate the privy. Also you will need some buckets a tarp to pile the dirt on because you are usually digging in some ones back yard with their permission so you don't want to make a mess. A scratchier some trowels some rope to pull buckets of dirt out with. Root cutters are nice to have. You will also need a Rope ladder and some metal rods to anchor it to the ground with also a hard hat is a must. And a good pair of leather gloves.

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